A couple years ago a friend called me up and asked me to play a noise show with her that was going on later that night. Our set ended up being me playing noise shlock through my computer while she and her friends rolled around on the floor, wearing cut-out paper masks of a convict who was at large in Ann Arbor at the time.

What really struck me as weird though was the guy who played before us. Overly tall, wearing a suit and a gorilla mask, he crouched awkwardly behind an amp with a guitar and laptop and between washes of distortion he would extend his arms outwards, swaying back and forth as if he was surfing, and the music was good. I was able to find out his name (Bennet) and that he had a blogspot where he has posted more free albums from his various projects than most of the artists I know have songs.

The works range from hours of seemingly unedited noise-murk tracks to washed out pop rock gems. The album Wilson White, attributed to the band False Moral, has both. With it’s strange distorted jams sandwiched between witchy drone and noise tracks and it’s amazing covers like the Guess Who commercial jingle and the above cover of break my stride, the album is an intelligent, aggressive and impressive work that I find pretty inspiring. If you want to explore the rest of his discography you’ll have to go it alone, and although Bennet doesn’t live here anymore, Wilson White is a great album from the Ann Arbor underground and deserves to be listened to and recognized as such.

grab the album Wilson White

check out his complete discography

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